The incredible Biofeedback machine.

Biofeedback has become an integral complimentary component of healthcare. Biofeedback is a recognized non-pharmacological, non-invasive, treatment technique where you are trained to improve your health by responding to signals from your own body. It is a therapeutic tool that may help you change the way your body responds to a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety disorders, constipation, ADHD, headaches, mild depression, PMS and other conditions.


How Biofeedback can help you.

Biofeedback converts physiological signals from inside your body into visual cues. Just as you can look into a mirror and observe how your body moves and your expressions change, the Biofeedback machine provides insight into how your body is functioning internally. The Biofeedback machine allows us to understand what is happening inside your body and then, with the guidance of Dr. Erin, signals can be sent to your body to regulate your physiology in a healthy and purposeful way.


The visit.

An initial visit for Biofeedback testing lasts 1-hour. Follow-up visits may be 30 minutes or 1-hour in length. The length of visit will depend on your treatment needs.


The impact of Biofeedback.

The non-invasive, non-pharmacological nature of biofeedback translates into feelings of calmness and comfort for most patients, during the actual session. After the session, patients often experience feelings of deep relaxation and revitalization. It is recommended that patients refrain from engaging in vigorous or strenuous exercise after a session for maximum effect.